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Video of Exam

 Video of Exam 
 This is a historical archive of the OBMT Practical Exam. As of 1-1-16 it is no longer required for a general massage license. 
This is an example of the exam provided by the Oregon Board of Massage February 2014. It will answer a great deal of your questions, but also will make some new ones arise.  
It is by no means a perfect example of what to do in the exam.  We will be giving feedback to viewers on this page soon.
Taking a Mock Practical or Consulation with Brandon is a great way to to know if you are ready for state, and to get tools to help you perform your best. 
Recommendation to Testers Based on this Video (not done in video)
  • You do not have to bring your own lotion holster
  • Get consent before doing any assessments  
  • Say the words "I am ready to move on" after completing every question
  • Get consent / have a verbal introduction before starting massage
  • Get Consent and explain breast drape before doing it
  • Do not reach over client's body when tucking sheets for breast draping 
  • When tracing a muscle you do not have to verbally specify fiber direction. It is implied by your tracing.
  • Be sure not to let your fingers slide under the sheets while tracing a muscle (clients safety)
  • When demonstrating how to stretch a muscle tell the client where the muscle is and explain and show how to stretch it. Be sure to let them know that they should do this within their comfort (show concern for safety) 

More to come!



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